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Embrace the Computational Power of the 2020s

KostaCAD leverages 21st century computational cloud technologies which blow its competition to the dust. Engineers can leverage KostaCAD to develop optical systems in conjunction with MCAD to optimize systems with final mechanical constraints, stray light, and optimized baffle design. KostaCAD saves its engineers time, money and resources.

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology allows for high-availability, internet accessible multi-technology platform which leverages cloud super-compute.

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End-to-End encryption

Providing encrypted data at rest and in transmission prevents us from directly accessing your data without your knowledge as well as prevent data compromise in the event of a breach. 

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Fast optimization

KostaCAD provides multiple optimization schemes to address turbulent solution spaces enabling the user to select between several global and local optimizers.

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Code Customization

KostaCAD provides an integration API to allow for customization of analysis with virtually any programming language.

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Mechanical CAD Integration

KostaCAD directly integrates and co-updates in real-time with Onshape allowing for mechanical and optical teams to co-habitate a unified CAD environment.

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Real-time Teamwork

Make changes to your design with your peers in real-time to allow for smoother work-flows and development cycles.

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